The National Curriculum

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The end of year expectations for reading, writing and mathematics are set out in the information leaflets below:

Year 1       Year 2       Year 3       Year 4       Year 5       Year 6

Hob Moor Community Primary Curriculum

Click here for Curriculum Information 2017-2018

Click here for Literacy Long Term Plan

Click here for Phonics information 

Click here for Maths Y1-Y6 term by term objectives

Click here for KS1 Learning Challenge Curriculum Long term 4 year plan 

Click here for KS2 Learning Challenge Curriculum Long term 4 year plan 

The Hob Moor Oaks Curriculum

We deliver an exciting experiential specialist curriculum which is based around the stages of development.

    • Encountering and discovering
    • Experiencing and understanding
    • Refining skills and knowledge

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Click here for Hob Moor Oaks curriculum long term plan

Click here for Hob Moor Oaks planning, assessment and recording guidance September 2016



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