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         Nicky Ellis                                 Kayleigh Chambers                         Tess Ellis

Sharon Kamara    Mrs C Anderson

                 Sharon Kamara                                               Caroline Anderson

Meet the team

Nicky Ellis is the Pastoral Lead and works across both schools in the Hob Moor Federation. She works closely with all of our families to offer support to parents and carers.

Kayleigh Chambers and Tess Ellis are our Learning Mentors.  They  work with Nicky to plan and deliver support to children and families.

The team work confidentially and without judgement to support families with all kinds of needs and can coordinate multi agency support around families.

Within the Federation we also have specially trained Teaching Assistants who can work with children to deliver targeted interventions around feelings, emotions, behaviour and confidence.  These are called ELSAs.

Please contact school reception or ring Mrs Ellis directly on 555569 or the Pastoral Team mobile on 07884 460 283. Parents are also welcome to use this number to contact Mrs Ellis during school holidays.

For details of other avenues of support for children and families in York please see or contact Family Information Service on 554444.

What do we do?

We want all of the children at Hob Moor Federation to make the most of their time in school and enjoy the opportunities that every day brings.

Hob Moor Federation takes a holistic approach to nurturing the whole child, developing self-esteem, social skills, confidence and emotional resilience. We strive to work in partnership with parents using their expert knowledge to ensure that children settle quickly and they feel happy, safe and motivated to work hard to be the best that they can be.

The team are here to offer a listening ear to parents and carers.  They offer strategies around behaviour, routines around sleep and provide access to support from other agencies. They are also able to support learning at home and access to family learning and other services that may be helpful.

Our work with children can be individual or with groups of children. We often work with children to support emotional issues; this can be around expressing feelings, managing anger and increasing self-esteem and confidence.

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