Things people have said about us

Things people have said about us

Parents About Their Child

After PECs training I made my daughter travel and choose a preferred PECs for her evening snack.  She caught on pretty quickly and didn’t need any prompts after the 3rd exchange.  It was lovely to meet you all at the training.  After 18 months of being told (in previous school) that she wasn’t making progress, is socially inept and is happy but not capable, to hear positive feedback is a lovely change.  Thank you.

I just wanted to let you know that this week my son has come back from school full of enthusiasm about what he is learning.  He has told me about the Normans and how they fought the Romans explaining the strategy the Romans used to fight and how the Normans managed to beat them.  He has also been pleased with his literacy work this week, he was already proud of it but even more so when today it was chosen to go up on the board.  This is really encouraging for me as he doesn’t enjoy literacy as much as other subjects and can feel disappointed with his work.  Battles, fighting and acting are all things that capture his imagination and he is the kind of child who regularly tells me about what he is learning at school (which are precious moments), however the way in which he is telling me shows he has really got involved in his learning.  He doesn’t enjoy is reading and it can be a real struggle to get him to read anything at home.  The new idea of entering a child into a raffle if they read 5 times in a week has been brilliant for him.  I have been really encouraged to see how much he has been enjoying this term with his new teacher already, I know that sometimes it can take a good few weeks before children can feel settled with a new teacher.  I also know this isn’t just down to his teacher, but the teaching assistants are also very encouraging of my son.  

Thank you so much for the gift bag! It’s truly thoughtful and reduced me to tears. We loved the Santa list as were thinking of getting him a bike and finally we have a way of asking him what he wants.  It’s a relief that what he wants from Santa this year – he will get. Thank you so much!  I think you will probably underestimate how much this means to us as a family/parent/mother!  You and your team have done a great job – thank you.

I am constantly surprised by all the continued thought and effort you all put into enriching children’s lives and I am extremely grateful for this.  This year has been a bit of whirlwind with lots of ups and downs however I would like to thank each and every one of you for all your amazing support and making my child happy, which I am sure is what every parent wants.  Thank you so much. (Parent of HMO child)

Parents in a meeting said they liked how we included everyone and encouraged the children to look after each other.

My child is happy here because they know that the staff care about them.

Thank you for the support you have shown our whole family when things were difficult.

By the way, congratulations on the Ofsted result. We think it is a travesty that HMO isn’t rated as an outstanding school. It certainly is in our eyes.

We witnessed a really wonderful concert presentation of children and staff – congratulations and thanks. During the presentation our child was picking bits of falling stars from the ground and throwing them up in the air. On this his mummy comments “He was conveying a message that never let a star fall down. Its place is up in the sky where it will shine”. We believe the school is truly fulfilling this motto.

We are absolutely delighted with the progress our son has made since starting Hob Moor and this extends to his academic abilities as well as his physical abilities. We as a family cannot praise the school enough for what you have done and he is very lucky to be a pupil there.  The school working with parents is fantastic and we certainly find everyone at Hob Moor very approachable and helpful. (Parents of y2)

“It’s totally been a good adventure!” y6 leaver

We are really pleased with E’s report and it reflects how well you have got to know her. (Parents of yN child )

Thank you for helping J. broaden his horizons (Parents of yN child)

We definitely made the right decision to send M to school at 3; he’s come on so much. (Parents of yN child)

Wonderful! It is so good to see S enjoying her time at school…we see weekly improvements in S.(Parents of a yR child)

Very proud of all J has achieved this year (Parents of y1)

We are really pleased how D has settled in his first year at the school and how he has progressed, making him much more confident and independent little boy. (Parents of y2 child)

SO so impressed by the achievements C has made. Never thought (2 years ago) that he would ever have such a marvellous report! Tears were shed whilst reading it too. (Parents of y3 pupil)

I’m so proud of my P’s report; she has overcome so many obstacles. I praise the teachers for all their hard work, understanding and patience. (Parents of y5 pupil)

He is doing really well and I am proud of him (parent of y5 pupil)

For us the 2 main areas that stand out are his increasing reading ability and the improvement in his spontaneous language. (Parents of y5)

What a fabulous report. Happy to hear he is making progress in all his lessons and that he has been a great year 6 role model… I’ve been impressed by his enthusiasm to do his homework. (Parent of y6 pupil)

What the community say

James Perry , Ebor Academy Trust: Please pass on my thanks to Vicki and the whole Oaks team, it was a (brief) morning visit for me but certainly gave me an insight into the amazing work that happens in your school. More than anything I came away thinking how proud I am that you are exploring joining Ebor. As an accountant, very new to working in school level education, it gave me an insight I have never come close to having in other ways and, from a personal point of view as a future parent, have such belief and confidence that we have amazing provision for children of such high need in our wonderful city. Finally, and sentimentally, I reflected on how many of the ‘problems’ I might think I have are actually nothing compared to the challenges that some children and parents live with every day. Knowing that your team are there to support them, must be huge comfort. Well done, and you should all be welling up with pride everyday! I even learnt some sign language and I’m a terrible student!

Educational Psychologist:  Just a quick email to say how heartwarmed I was to read this email. Things are quite difficult for Hob Moor Primary with funding, but despite this, your immediate response to my colleague’s email was to say ‘yes’ to including this pupil. Your separation of the little boy from the systemic stuff and your ‘yes’ are just another example of the incredibly inclusive practice I see consistently from everyone at Hob Moor. Thank you so much.

University of York: You very kindly accommodated some of our Chinese students, earlier on this year in your school.  I am sure that you know, that they all had a great time and were very impressed with the school, the pupils and all the teachers.  The students all told us, that they have learnt a lot from the wonderful experience that they were given, and have asked us to pass on their thanks to you.

Chinese University of Hong Kong Students: We’d like to express our gratitude for giving us the opportunity to visit your school and spend a wonderful time with your lovely pupils over the past few weeks.

We really appreciate the efforts you went to, to not only allow us to observe your classes but also to make us feel included in class. And a special thank you goes to the teachers who went the extra mile by answering our questions regarding their innovative teaching, positive classroom management and inclusive school culture in York despite being under a tight schedule to prepare classroom activities. It was humbling experience for us to be able to compare and contrast what we saw here with primary teaching in Hong Kong.

Sarah would also like to thank the school for accommodating her request to observe an afternoon music lesson. She found it both useful and insightful to learn more about music teaching in the UK and was extremely grateful for this opportunity.

Finally, we are certain that this valuable experience will be with us for a long time to come. The knowledge and wisdom we have gained from you all at Hob Moor will influence us long into our own teaching careers.

Jack Stearman, York City Knights Community Sponsorship Manager: Your school, and children, are a privilege to be involved with! 

Jamie’s Restaurant: We’d just like to pass on our enormous thanks following the pasta-making session we held on Friday with the children. They were all so wonderfully behaved and a joy to spend the morning with!

National College Teaching and Leadership Advisor visit: ‘It was lovely to meet you on Monday and thank you for showing me around your wonderful school. You’ve got a gem of a school!’

Our School Food Trust Advisor said: “The school is a very happy place. Facilities are excellent, the environment very pleasant and the overall ethos, positive and enabling”

Thank you so much for allowing us to host the rebound festival at HMO. The feedback was excellent from the staff of both schools who felt they had benefitted enormously from having Eddie Anderson “the Godfather of Rebound” working with each individual child.

Just a quick note to say thank you for 2 outstanding pieces of community work . We attended the Christmas Fayre with grandparents and kids. The scale of the fayre was stunning and must have involved a huge amount of preparation work from staff and students …. We then attended the Christmas show with family and were hugely impressed. To fully involve all students of all abilities was an outstanding piece of inclusion that must have taken a massive amount of thought and planning. To see all students achieving success and thoroughly enjoying themselves was brilliant. As this comes at the end of a long term, please pass on out thanks to all the staff involved.

You can feel the dedication in the room.

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue: The children were so well behaved and engaging. Thank you for having us over and including us in your curriculum.

Wakefield Governor: The physical environment is impressive- alive with fresh, inspiring displays and a shining cleanliness, achieved by all involved.  It provides an excellent backdrop to the children’s learning.  The latter, of course,  is enabled by the team (and sub-teams) of skilled, enthusiastic staff members.  How well things work when all are on board to rise to the inevitable challenges, how fortunate the children and their families!  The ethos of the school is not a mere set of statements but is visible in practice

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