Our Learning Environment

Hob Moor Oaks is part of the Federation with Hob Moor Community Primary School. We can have upwards of 400 children and 100 staff on site. On paper it sounds like a very busy place. We pride ourselves in providing a safe, calm and happy learning environment.

In the Oaks we offer a range of learning environments which help to address the child’s barriers to learning. We have spacious classrooms with ceiling tracking hoists and accessible changing facilities. We also have compact classrooms with small side rooms which can offer a continuum of low stimulation accommodation.

We use a range of standard and specialised classroom furniture which addresses individual children’s barriers to learning. All of the Oaks classrooms have toilet facilities and kitchen areas.

Hob Moor Oaks has a range of specialist facilities including a pool, soft play room, sensory theatre and white room.

We currently have fifteen classes at Hob Moor Oaks; they all have names which relate to the oak tree.

We try to put groups of children together who are of a similar age and who are likely to learn well together. Our classes are very small. They each have a maximum of 8 children. Each class has a teacher and at least one teaching assistant; most classes have two or three teaching assistants. We also have midday care assistants who work alongside the class team to support children to have their lunch, play and with personal care.

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