Mrs Hall and Mrs Sinnott


  • 2017/18

    Mrs Hall    Mrs Sinnott

    Welcome to Acorns
    Acorns class is a busy and exciting nursery and reception class.  We are all at the ‘encountering and discovering’ stage of learning. We learn through our play, investigating, experiencing, exploring and engaging with our world.  Some of our favourite activities are sensory play with a range of fun and messy things such as gloop, water, compost, jelly, geli-baf just to mention a few.  We also work carefully on our communication skills and have fun with intensive interaction, songs, games and rhymes.  We love to bake each week, go swimming in our school pool and make full use of the sensory theatre and soft play room in our school. We also have a rebound therapy session using the school trampoline.

    Learning is fun and irresistible!

    Teacher – Mrs Abi Hall and Mrs Sarah Sinnott


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