A number of parents, carers and adult volunteers come into school on a regular basis to help in a variety of ways, either with individual children or with small groups.

For example:

  • Preparation of materials in the classroom
  • Swimming
  • Transport to sports fixtures
  • Cooking
  • Library
  • Fund raising
  • Assisting in educational visits
  • Listening to children read

These parents, carers and helpers make a major contribution in helping the children to learn.

All the teaching staff look upon this help as invaluable, and if you would like to offer your support please get in touch.

The partnership between home and schools is seen as vital to the development of the children in our care. To this end we consider it most important that good home and school links are fostered.

Three formal consultation evenings take place during each year when parents/carers are invited to visit the school to discuss their child’s progress. Each child receives a written report at the end of each school year.

Teachers may be contacted on most days, both before school commences and at the end of the school day, though any matter of pressing concern should be brought to the attention of the Principal or Head of School as soon as possible.

Friends of Hob Moor

The Friends of Hob Moor has been formed from the Friends of Hob Moor Oaks and the PTA of Hob Moor Community Primary. Their aim is to organise fund raising events for the benefit of both schools, this may be purchase of shared equipment and resources or specific equipment needed for Hob Moor Oaks.

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