Ofsted – A Guide for Parents

Feedback from parent surveys undertaken in November 2015:

Hob Moor Oaks Parent View Survey Feedback November 2015

Hob Moor Primary Parent View Survey Feedback November 2015

The Federation of Hob Moor Oaks and Hob Moor Community Primary Schools values your opinion. We would really appreciate it if you could take 10 minutes to complete the Parent View questionnaire

How to use Parent View


The website address is parentview.ofsted.gov.uk

Log in / Register

You need your email address and password for the simple log-in process. Just follow the on-screen instructions.

You will then be asked to fill in a ‘captcha’ before completing registration. This is where you read two words from the screen and enter them into a box. This is to prevent site misuse.
We will send you an email with a link to activate your log-in.


Enter the following in the search boxes when you are asked to.

Name of School: Hob Moor
Address: YO24 4PS

Select your child’s school from the search results, either Hob Moor Primary or Hob Moor Oaks.


There will be 12 questions to answer, for example, ‘My child is happy at this school’ with a choice of responses:

  • Strongly agree
  • Agree
  • Disagree
  • Strongly disagree
  • Don’t know

Use the ‘Next’ button to move to the next question. If you change your mind you can use the ‘Previous’ button to go back.

Once you have completed all 12 questions, click on ‘Finish the survey’ and the questionnaire is complete.

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